Praba Banqueting Suite: Premier East London Wedding Venue!

Praba Banqueting: Your Ideal East London Event Venue. Our central location, effortless accessibility, exceptional customer service, and vibrant ambiance create unforgettable weddings, corporate functions, and religious ceremonies. Discover why we’re the top choice for affordable, memorable events in East London.

Our Team

Our team has a significant prior experience in hospitality for important events, and makes the occasion flawless with their remarkable services. They are with the hosts and guests at every proceeding, in order to make the day exquisitely pleasing and memorable.

Event Management

At Praba Banqueting, we offer comfortable seating arrangements and settings for 500 guests. Apart from weddings, we offer provisions for hosting pre wedding events like bachelorette party as well. Props and decorative arrangements such as mandaps, dance floors and flower arrangements can be easily arranged on request.

Catering Services

Our catering services reflect the highest standards and we make requisite provisions for client and guest preferences. But it is perfectly alright if the clients choose to go ahead with services of a third party caterer or décor agency. We offer a fully equipped kitchen ready for use.